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I live in Oklahoma so I purchase the Daily Oklahoma for my coupons. Thanks for doing giveaways.

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I would be most grateful for these coupons! Sometimes we even get an extra circular in the Tribune Times on Wednesdays.

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This is a free paper, so that makes it even better! This is the correct one…Thanks! Thank you for your service to all of us!! The Philadelphia inquirer! I live 2 hrs north so my store only carries 5 each week. I get to the store really early to make sure I get one. The Houston Chronicle!! I always find all my inserts and their is always a nice huge stack available! I only get one news paper and it the Herald Dispatch in Huntington wv.

It usually has most coupons in it I thought till this weekend I didnt get the Dr. Pepper I Love Couponing. Thanks for the great deals. Great deal and for the most part, they always have all the inserts. I have made friends with the staff at the so if for any reason anything is missing, they will always be sure to find one for me! Also, my carrier delivers the Sunday paper early Sunday morning so I get a one day head start!

I live in Memphis.. My best paper is the San Francisco Chronicle. Its not my local paper, but it has more coupons for the money. Good Luck to everyone!!!!!!!! This is really too bad because there are a LOT of couponers here at Fort Polk who would appreciate easier access to the savings! I live in CT, and the best paper for inserts is the Hartford Courant. The cashier at our local convenience store keeps 2 extras for me each week that my husband goes and buys.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, by far! Pick me! I get it every Sunday…and I am never disappointed! My husband has been laid off for almost a year works sooo hard to find a job! Having 4 kids 2 teenagers, 10 year old and 15 month old can really rack up a grocery bill! Philadelphia Inquirer is my go to paper but it usually only has Smart Source. Even though they usually only have one insert per Sunday Paper, the coupon values are always much better than the CT paper. Plus they have different coupons in their inserts too.

I live in northeast PA.. My best coupon papers are the pottsville republican and the morning call.. I like the Philadelphia inquirer! They tend to put the coupon savings totals on the front page and make the occasional mistake of giving me double inserts!! I live in Philly and the best coupons are found in the Phila Inquirer. The Star-Ledger!!

And I do pick up the NY Post also. I always get the Gloucester County Times, not sure if they have the best but the store right behind my house carries it. The Courier is the best in my area…for some reason the Star Ledger around here never has red plum inserts. I love the KC Star! I stand in line every Sunday morning to get it from Dollar Tree for half price. I usually pick up at least 5. The Daily Record is the best for picking up on Sunday as it has all the inserts and the Star Ledger usually send Red Plum to subscribers only!!

Both carry the coupons that I use every month to shop for my family. We are a family of 6 with teenagers that never stop eating … LOL. Thanks Cindy for all your hard work, you are my hero. The Providence Journal around Providence area. Thanks Cindy for your super posts with great deals.

It is really nice of Anabelle. Long Island Newsday gives the best coupons in my town and the paper is a good read as well. So win-win all around. Thanks Cindy! How do you have time to sleep???? I live in philadelphia, pa and I love love love the philadelphia inquirer! I have a teenager and a 9 year old who follows in big brothers footsteps and I cant keep up with the demands! Running to the store for the basics every two to three days! The best coupons are in our local paper, Journal Inquirer. Especially because you can buy them on Saturday, to get ready for the great sales early Sunday.

Both papers have different inserts, so it works out well! The Philadelphia Inquirer gives better coupons than my local paper in Bucks County so I subscribe to both! Get mine from the Democrat and Chronicle Sunday Paper. Gotta love those Pepsi coupons. They are so few and far between. I get my inserts from the Burlington County Times!! I always pick up four at my local Dollar Tree only 1. They would be 1. I like the Courier post in South Jersey. They always have the most inserts and coupon amount is usally alittle higher than the competitors and the price of the paper is cheaper.

Love the Courier, thanks. Philly loves coupons! I get the Philadelphia Inquirer. In addition the Inquirer only has smartsouce so I can get the red plums free from the Northeast Times. An added plus is I get extra smartsouces from the free weekly circular packs. The Reading Eagle, believe it or not. The next nearest city paper is the Philadelphia Inquirer, but it never has the redplum and even though the smartsource coupons are basically the same, the cent amounts are always lower.

I get the News Times delivered to my house and our paper boy delivers our ads on Saturday, then he brings the paper on Sunday! Love that! I live in Connecticut, Fairfield county. Asbury Park Press is the best and sells out the fastest, Star ledger is next choice when the app is all gone. The Star Ledger in Hoboken is where I get all of my coupons!

Look forward to picking it up with a cup of coffee every Sunday! I only purchase our local Danbury News Times. Seems to have the same coupons as any other around my area! I get the Evansville Courier and it has a lot of coupons in them, I have to drive 10 mikles to get it because we do not get this paper in our home town.

Would love to have extra coupons. I get my coupons from my local Kingston Daily Freeman. Seems like sometime the good coupons are missing…I have a feeling my paper delivery person coupons too! I believe the Star ledger has the best inserts. I can get two for the price of one! I get The Record North Jersey.

Inquirer, then Gloucester County Times. I just started couponing 3 weeks ago and I have learned so much from you information Thanks! I live in South Jersey, in Gloucester County. In my area the Red Plum is only in the Courier but the Inquirer always has a better selection of Smart source coupons. I have a great hubby who brings me home 3 papers on Sunday am with my coffee as he is on his way home from work! It is a toss up between the Star Ledger and Courier News—unfortunate delivery problems with both makes for a less than happy couponer!

I always get the Tacoma News Tribune or the Olympian. All the great deals come in the tribune though!! I get the best coupons from The Times Herald Record.. I love getting Colgate coupons that can double:. I get my coupons in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Our local paper is awful, and only home delivery can be assured to get inserts, so we get ours from the Denver post, over miles away. I get the Jersey Journal every saturday.. Thanks for a chance to win!!

The Providence Journal gives the best inserts. It is the only newpaper in the state with a Sunday paper! I am so jealous because my CT newspapers I get never get any good coupons. I like my local paper The Morning Call. They deliver my inserts on Saturday mornings so I can get a jump on my list! The best coupons are in newsday!!! They had all the pepsico moments and most of the time they put in an duplicates of some of the flyers!!! At least in my papers!! I love the Asbury Park Press…. The best paper in my area is the Times leader.

They give out the best ones and a lot of time I even get extras i love it!!! Newsday in New york City. The best paper I have found is the Sunday Star ledger, they never let me down with the coupon inserts. Cheers and good luck everyone! I would love to win these coupons! No SS or RP! This would really make up for it. Ashbury Park press in my area is the best. I find the best coupons here in the San Francisco Chronicle…our local paper Chico Enterprise has very skinny booklets, not worth spending the money for the paper on.

Here on Long Island the best paper is Newsday its expensive but its the only one that has all of the inserts!!! I am in Lake Jackson, TX. I get our local paper and the Houston Chronicle. The Chronicle has better coupons. Thanks for the chance to win! We also have The Bag which comes on Wed. The best newspaper is by far the Times Herald Record. We then give the papers to the school for projects and art classes. I get my coupons from the Bergen Record. The best newspaper for coupons is the Burlington County Times. It serves readers in several towns within Burlington County, NJ.

Great coupons! Does that count? I buy a Philadelphia Inquirer, and my mom gives me her Courier Post inserts. I get the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Daily Intelligencer. The inquirer has different coupons then the Intell. And between the two I get great coupons. It has both the smart source and red plum inserts. But I do buy the Inqurier sometimes becasue it has higher value smart source coupons on occasion.

I get all my best coupons from the Times Herald Record! Long Island Newsday is the best!!! But I only get the sunday paper for the coupons and the other sections… I follow the rest of it online along with these GREAT coupons sites! The New Haven Register always has the best coupons for me! My local paper is terrible, and they will never guarantee coupons in their sunday papers, so I have to drive every sunday morning to pick up mine from the local CVS.

I buy our local Sunday News from PA. I buy the LA Times on a weekly basis but completely failed to pick one up this week! This giveaway is great! The Rockland Journal News gives me the best coupons each week…thanks for all you do Cindy!! I get at least 1 copy of the republican american in Waterbury, CT every week. I also purchase the courant sometimes they seem to give more inserts! I live in Detroit, MI. It sometimes has coupons the others do not. The Philadelphia Inquirer is my go to newspaper.

I try to pick it up at my local CVS but it is often sold out before I get there. I dont get the paper bc its too expensive! I dont subscribe to any newspapers. She brings in her inserts to me every Monday morning. I used to count on the Star Ledger for the best coupons, however, lately I seem to be getting more from the Daily Record. The New York Post is the paper for my household. They always have every insert and sometimes an extra one once in a blue. Our best paper is the Syracuse Post Standard! The only newspaper I have access to that has weekly circulars is the Virginia Pilot.

I subscribe the Pittsburgh Tribune Review and have had no problems getting my coupons each week. Thanks for all you do, Cindy! I really need to subscribe to the sunday paper. The best newspaper I have found in my area for inserts is Newsday. I love the New Haven Register! I can get it on Sat , and it always has the best inserts!!! I live in Ansonia CT ….

I have found the best in my area to be the Poughkeepsie Journal. My husband also gets the Daily News delivered so I take the coupons out of there as well…sometimes they are better coupons but always fewer of them! I get Newsday every Sunday, sometimes I order more than one and they are great accomodating me! Home News Tribune Middlesex County when you guys tell me how many coupon books will be in the paper they always have them….

I always get the Delaware state news at Walgreens. That makes the newspaper cheaper and all the deals you post even better. Great coupons, but a little pricey! Even though they offer a great price for home delivery, I would advise against going with it…. I get good coupons from the Trenton Times and Trentonian. I live in northern New Jersey. I fell that it depends on what week. Best newspaper for me so far is Home News Tribune.

Asbury Park Press is a close second. Every week I get a few copies of each the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Intelligencer! The Inquirer no longer carries the red plum circular, but has better regional coupons then the Intelligencer, so its a good mix! Another phone call to them is probably due tomorrow morning.

I recently relocated to the Elkton, MD area, am new to couponing and trying to discover which newspaper s provide the best circulars. I love smartsource the have good coupons. I really love them all. My email address is unique aol. I buy the Courier, Times, and Philly Inquirer. Funny, but all three papers always seem to have anywhere from 3 to 5 coupons that are different from one another.

It always has more inserts than the other 2 newspapers I get. I am in Southwestern CT and we get very crummy coupons here. If I can snag a copy of the Hartford Courant which is rare around here it would have the best coupons. Democrat and Chronicle for me. If I pick up any other newspaper, the coupons wont all be there!

It stinks. Thank you for your website!!! I began couponing late in July and I have not subscribed for the Record yet. I purchase my Sunday Bergen Record papers from my local CVS store right before they close, since I have to look through the newspapers to make sure they have all the inserts.

Love this website — started couponing recently and have learned a lot with the daily emails! Our local newspaper only ever has half of the availble inserts. I live in West Hartford Ct , I buy The hartford Courant for my inserts and collect coupons of my family and friends, but last night me and my daugther went out with a flash light to the recycling bin to look for coupons. My daugther helped me by lighting up the bin and every time I found a coupon book she got excited, and wanted more coupons. In total we found 16 coupon books.

They did go up in price for Saturday and Sunday papers. BUT the local gas station knows that I coupond for my family my house and both of my sisters house Always save any left overs for me. Newsday on long island gives the best…. The Post is a close second and half the price. I live in Louisville, KY. I am lucky that I have 3 papers with coupons to chose from. Sometimes the News Journal is better was last week , but this week the Baltimore Sun was better. The Inquirer does not have the Red Plum. But I always use reg rewards to buy them! Philadelphia Inquirer gives me the best coupons— always has inserts, and sometimes it has extra!

I happen to be a loyal fan of Newsday if its available its usally in there however should I be lucky enough to come across a New York Times they usally have unique coupons that you do not find in the every day papers. The Jamestown, NY paper has the best coupons. I live in PA but drive 15 miles to the NY state line to get the jamestown paper. The Hartford Courant! I can check those on Saturdays, and buy several Papers if the Inserts are good.

My Shoprite limits to 4 of the same coupon per transaction, so I usually buy at least one extra paper and sometimes up to four if there is a special deal going on. Thanks Cindy!!!! I get the best inserts from the Sunday paper, which I get free with the subscription to our local Wednesday paper! They include coupons and ads on Saturday. It gives me a whole day before the sales start to make my lists.

Also, get to use the coupons on Saturday if a sale is ending that day!!! I love their comics, too! The Star Ledger has the best coupons in this area, however, they seem to have a more complete set when you buy the paper in the store than when you have it delivered…frustrating!! Like the Asbury Park Press.

I feel that usually it is the Asbury Park Press, but can not get it delivered to the house at discounted rates! Have to buy it in the stores…. This is hard for me. The only paper I can get multiple copies of the red plum from is the Home News Tribune but the Star Ledger seems to have better smart sources coupons. I like the asbury park press for coupons but too often the people in my area steal them! So buyer beware! Erie Times news has the best coupons.

They are very good about making sure every person gets their ads. Gotta love free! Cindy and Annabelle, thank you, what a treat! I usually get mine from the Star Ledger, because they traditionally had more inserts — but, over the last year, it seems more and more that some of the inserts are regularly missing mostly in the versions available in convenience stores as opposed to my subscribed copy. And, for the reader who asked, somewhere in this verrrry long thread! More convenient than an early morning Sun.

So, only 2 extras. I love this site and all the helpful, fun people on it! I love the Sun news from Myrtle Beach. My inlaws live in Myrtle beach and send me the coupon inserts — I live in Ct. Courier Post South Jersey Edition for me. I like to get the Asbury Park Press especially when they have it at the dollar store. I get the paper delivered to my house so I get the coupons early on Saturday and then I buy three more papers at the dollar store on Sunday.

The Star Ledger comes a close 2nd with complete Smartsource inserts but i rarely get the Redplum ones. Lots of great coupons for local businesses and grocery products. I always get all of the inserts in this paper. Just one of each paper gives you a wide range of coupons — with some doubles! I like the Asbury Park Press! Like most others on L. Have said, Newsday has the best but it also costs twice as much as the other papers! I find Red Plum in the Sunday Courier.

If this is true then the best paper in my opinion is the Star Ledger. She reaps the benefit of me couponing in return. Star Ledger, but the Daily is sometimes stocked with extra coupons. Also, the star Ledger that is mailed to your home has more coupons than the one you pick up at the store. I think the Asbury Park Press gives the best and most coupons in my area! They normally give all the inserts!

To tell you the truth, I only get Star Ledger. Couponing is such a life changing things. I love this site…i am new to couponing and have learned so much from this site! Thank you so much, I really have to save my husband has been diagnoised with lung cancer and his meds are so expensive i need to save else where thank you so much for the help! I am new to couponing, AND loving it! WooHoo What a giveaway! Usually dont enter these, however cant pass this up… The only paper we get on a normal basis is The Star ledger. So far, so good… we have only been heavy couponing for about 6 months ish now, and with a few bumps the star ledger seems to get it right for the most part all inserts and even include the Parade, which sometimes have a few good ones in there.

I get the best coupons from The Richmond Times Dispatch. I love saving money. And best of all, the sale start on sunday so i can cut my coupons and start saving lots of money. The Sun News….. I am new to this and your site is my faithful guide! I am quite new to this and your site faithfully guides me through this couponing extravaganza i am on… Thanks again!

The star ledger has all the coupons but nothing can beat this site! Thanks for all you do! You have saved my family a ton! The Star Ledger is the best! I also get the Courier News from my Mom but those coupons are not as good. Thank you so much Cindy!! You bring everyone who follows your site the best deals out there. In morris county I get 2 Daily Records and 2 Star ledgers delivered to the house, I have noticed when they are delivered there are more coupons then whe you pick them up at the local or Wawa.

I still get additional papers if the deals are great!! Thanks once again, you have changed the way my family shops and I am sure you have done the same for many others out there on tight budgets. The Bergen Record on that I pick up from the local on Sunday seems to have the best coupons. Thanks Cindy for all that you do. I subscribe to Times Union in my area for the best coupon inserts. They almost always include them all! They always seem to have ALL the inserts! Thank you Cindy for everything you do!!

Revised…my favorite is The Journal Express which comes every week for free and always has inserts in it. The Jersey Journal on Saturdays. This paper always have all the coupon inserts and it only cost me 60 cents to buy the paper. We live in western Pa. Where does the Star Ledger come from??? Sounds like a great source!!! I enlisted my husband to go and find the best papers with the most coupons in them, and they are the Bristol Press, and the Registered Citizen. One paper used to be great in my area on Sat. In my area most of the papers went up.

Thomaston Ct. I hope this helps a little. The best paper for coupons in my area is The Bergen Record. Thanks for this opportunity and for all that you do! In my area The Baltimore Sun is by far the best to receive coupons from. Every Sunday morning I wake up at 6am or sooner awaiting to see my Baltimore Sun on the front lawn :. I just stumbled upon your blog and am in love! I pick up 2 Star Ledgers each Sunday. On Thursday, we get a package of store circulars thrown on our front lawn.

I usually find at least one coupon insert there too! Would love to win.

Win All Day Sad But True

Holiday baking season is approaching and I could some good deals on eggs. I get the Delaware news journal but we always have Sunday dinners as a family so I get my grandparents coupons from the Philadelphia inquirer!! Trying to get them to start using them!!!

Bowling Green Times in Kentucky! There are only 2 papers in my area so I depend on print outs online! Usually they are:. Not alot to choose from in these small towns but, I have checked them all out and get the most from them. Usually head over to CVS and get the louisville dispatch or one of the other Louisville papers.

Our Paducah Sun never has the coupons in it even though I complained often. Lately I have been getting the Wallstreet and getting inserts in it also but on weekdays not weekends. I get the press and the ledger delivered to my house on sunday!! I buy extra papers when they are the best. I cut and cut an d cut!!! The Times Herald Record.. Middletown NY. Have to have it delivered..

Love my coupons!!!!! I get the Erie Times News every Sunday. We also get a weekly mailing with coupons and that is absolutely free. Gotta love free. I get my best coupons from the denver post when I can find it. When i cant find it. I buy the Gazette I live in colorado.

I receive my weekly coupons from the Philadelphia Inquirer. I recieve the El Paso Times. Every week I seem to get the coupons that most people get across the country. Yay for coupons!!! We buy the Burlington Co. I get mine from the Sacramento Bee and weekly get a Smartsource in the mail with the junk mail stuff. The papers that offer the best coupons are changing from week to week in central NJ.

The home news tribune was my fav. Usually the Erie, PA paper is decent. I supplement with either the Pittsburgh or Cleveland papers. Also ValPak that comes in the mail is loaded with coupons! Charlotte Observer! Always get my coupons and sometimes an extra insert or two. Have the paper delivered every Sunday for coupons and coffee before the sun comes up!

The paper with the best inserts is The Sunday Times!! Scranton Pa They help out a ton, especially with having 2 children that are 15 monts apart! Heck, i even read the paper too! If i have time that is! The New Haven Register is the only paper that is offered at my local dollar store. More value for my money. I buy the Oregonian. But coupons make the world a better place. I love coupons! The Press of Atlantic City is where I get all my circular coupons. The rest I print from online sites…. Courier Post South Jersey addition is the best in my area!

I get between 4 nd 8 Jersey Journals every Saturday morning. They cost. The Sun newspaper! I love getting my coupons from the Asbury Park Press and my grandmother of course! The Star Ledger in town gives us the best ones, sometimes I go and buy another one after I see the coupons at home!! I get mine in the Detroit Free Press on Sundays.

I usually buy at least 3 of these and then print the web coupons. This is the kind of paper whose stories include community reactions to brand new one way streets and when Tai Chi will be offered in Pelham Bay Park! I am new at this, but so far I have saved so much at the grocery store!

Daily Record is hit or miss lately. Newsday for Long Island, NY has the best inserts.

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All the other local papers either have none or only have some. I get my inserts from the LA Times. Believe it or not, consistently the New York Post! My cousin lives in Philly and snags me a few Redplums every week from her Star Ledger : Thanks for the giveaway!!

I live in Buffalo New York. The one and only newspaper I have delivered is The Buffalo News. I actually have two newspapers delivered to my house weekly because it is cheaper. My friend at work give me her coupons she says she never has time.. I get the new york post, and star ledger.. Thanks for the giveaway!!

I get the Charlotte Observer on the weekends. In addition on sundays I buy 4 or 5 more.. The Denver Post. They are great because they have this free program where they deliver the circulars to your house for free each week. For some reason the daily item stopped putting Smart Source in their papers……Weird…. I buy the Sunday paper for the coupons.

But lots of times the coupons are missing either stolen or not put in. Some people are stealing coupons out of papers. The Pocono Record is our local paper and they almost always have all of the inserts that people post about. The oldest continuously printed newspaper in the USA. Great savings! I get three to four newspapers here in PA.

I also get the Philadelphia paper depending on how many coupon circulars out that week…and it varies as to which is better…probably the Philadelphia paper has more on a regular basis because it is a big city paper…YEAH Phillie!!!! The Philadelphia Inquirer has the best inserts, they have a saturday preview edition so I can get my coupons ready sat night for my sunday morning shopping! The only paper in my area that supplies us with coupons is The Morning Call. I look forward to the Saturday Newspapers.

Who would have thought a 23 year old would be excited about the newspaper. I always get mine from the Flint Journal or the Detroit free Press. Never a problem finding inserts and plenty of papers to choose from!!!! I live in Fort Myers FL and we very rarely get all of the inserts….

I buy the pocono record and from time to time I get the morning call, depending on the coupons. I sure hope i win, I am super duper excited about this giveaway! My newspaper, asbury park press, is my fav source for coupons, and my newspaper carrier is the best with making sure they are all there! One had dunkin donuts on the back and the other had Oliver Garden. Love both so it was a good deal. My parents also save me the coupons from the Philadelphia Inquire, which are so much better than what I can get.

The St. Peterburg Times, just moved to Florida, Pasco County have only received Sunday papers and have been pleased so far that every one has had coupons in it. Living in central NJ I have 2 different papers delivered to my home. The Star Ledger and the Trenton Times. Between both of these papers I have a good grasp of what coupons are available for the week.

If I find ones that I would love to have duplicates of I head to the local WaWa to get more of the ones that meet my needs. Usually there I can get a Middlesex County paper, which is The Home News that is less expensive than the other papers and has a full array of coupons. It works for me!!! I just get my local paper in Hutchinson, KS. They always have all the coupon inserts. I live in WV, the local paper does not have much or your lucky to get a coupon insert.

Both papers provide me with a variation on the different regional coupons that come out! I look forward to my papers every Sunday for my inserts!!! The Poughkeepsie Journal has the best inserts around, unless you get them from certain gas stations some of them take out the coupon inserts. Wilmington News journal!! The paper is fat, only costs a 1. Here are the Official Giveaway Rules: How to Enter: Leave a comment below letting know which newspaper gives you the best inserts. All entries must be left in the comments of this site only.

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Steph S. Allison says:. Michelle says:. Karen Becker says:. Nicole Weimer says:. Rita says:. Yessenia Ortega says:. Jessica says:. Dawn says:. Jen says:. Andrew says:. Sara Hodges says:. Abby says:. Stephanie D says:. Maurin says:. June says:. Tom says:. Lisa says:. George says:. Jessie says:. Steven says:. Shannon S says:. Lauren says:. Iman says:. JW says:. Erin says:. Jackie says:. If your Publix accepts Sweetbay as a competitor you might want to take a minute to flip through your free paper. Thanks …. Looks like some folks will find a Publix coupon and a Sweetbay coupon in their papers this morning.

Marc emailed with a great Sweetbay coupon. If your Publix accepts Sweetbay as a competitor you can save this weekend! Be sure and ask at your store to confirm that they will take it. Thanks Marc. Some folks will get a Publix coupon and a Sweetbay coupon in their newspaper! My buddy Tracy found two great coupons in her Tampa paper this morning. There are some nice Publix coupons in the paper today that you guys might want to be on the lookout for.