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If they can't offer me a deal to my liking I have another cable company in town here that's literally banging down my door trying to get me to sign up LOL. Input your address and select the option on the far right. Find the package you want then call retention's and tell them the package you want and the price. As far as waiting until promo is up I have changed to another promo before my current one has expired as I was told it only applies if canceling all services. I have read where some have successfully been able to activate two modems.

Additionally, to get the Netflix offer, you must have an X1 set top box to activate the Netflix part of the package and you are limited to p streams, no 4k videos are available with the Netflix offer. As I learn more about some of the Xfinity offers, they become much less attractive. Cannot connect to site, from US through Firefox, Chrome, etc What TV show got cancelled way too early? How Secure R Zip Files?

LelandC join Canton, MI 1 recommendation.

Xfinity TV Prices, Packages, and Channels - Xfinity TV Review

LelandC Member Jul-5 pm Promo ending how to get best deal? That will get you to "Customer Loyalty" formerly called Retentions. They open at 8 a. They should be able to help. It goes without saying to be polite but firm. Keyword, polite. If you're planning to stay with Comcast, the best deals per se are with a 1- or 2-year contract. Pricing goes by market area.

3 Things To Remember

Good luck!! LelandC 2 recommendations. Try LelandC Member Jul-5 pm I get the same message about the service being temporarily available when I call that number so I'll try again later. LelandC 1 recommendation. Other ways to save money is to buy your own. LelandC join Canton, MI 3 recommendations. LelandC to telcodad Member Jul-5 pm to telcodad I do own my own modem and router so already seeing savings there. LelandC to srtdodge05 Member Jul-5 pm to srtdodge05 Last I looked it didn't look like U-Verse gigabit was available yet in my sub. At this point, what DO you have to loose???

Anon4dd4b Anon Jul-6 am Has anybody got any offer same or better at the retail stores? Actions matter. The usual best way to get a good offer is to actually cancel. And if other providers are not an option, come back as a new customer after the cool off period I believe that was 30 days in most locations. In all cases renewal, new customer you should keep asking "Is this the best offer you can make? There are numerous well understood proposals to address some of the challenges, but there are strong first mover disincentives for some of the most impactful, which is why few MSOs have moved forward with changes yet.

But some have started various baby steps, although not all the changes are, or will be, welcome by all. LelandC to Anon4dd4b Member Jul-6 am to Anon4dd4b I went to my local Xfinity store this morning and they told me I needed to wait until my current deal actually ends which is the beginning of next month. OK, so what IS the big deal to actually wait until it actually runs out; this actually applies to ANYONE that's trying to go back on a promo for their same, current package Sounds like non-sense to me, I still had a month left on my 2 year deal and they had no problem moving me to the new 2 year agreement over the phone going through customer loyalty.

I just did this a month ago. You are thinking of canceling your service. Before you cancel, you just wanted to see if there is any promotion or discount that you can have. It helps Comcast avoid lowering your bill! Many times they will make a last-ditch effort. Then the next day I call back and tell them to ignore the cancellation.

Be sure to include their Twitter handle comcastcares in the tweet. Tell the Comcast rep you want to cancel service and go with their competitor with the lower price. Be sure to name the competitor. The only catch to this plan is that you will most likely have to sign up for a contract with Comcast to lock in the price, as the competitor pricing assumes a contract as well.

How to Lower your Comcast Bill Price (XFinity TV & Internet Negotation)

It is frustrating and takes a ton of time to jump through all of their hoops as they try to wear you down. You just have to use Trim. They are a service that will negotiate your cable bill and get you a Comcast promotion. They even will try to get you a discount based on outages in your area.

How to negotiate with Comcast / XFINITY and get the best deal

Here is the link to get started saving money on your cable bill. They only take a fee if they score you a discount and that fee is a small percent of your savings. Here are various ways that you can still watch television and movie programming after cutting the cord for a fraction of what cable charges you. Here is my favorite antenna. The key is getting one with a large range, like between 50 and 75 miles so you can get the most stations. You can often go there just after a new program airs and catch it on the website for a couple of days.

You can try SlingTV for free for 7 days by clicking here! One of the pioneers of streaming video. You can upload the app to your mobile devices and you can run the service on up to two devices at once. You have to look that up yourself and be aware if one of your favorite shows is scheduled to be on the chopping block. You can also stream music, borrow e-books and get free two-day shipping on most any order through Amazon.

The other two main services upload a full season when the newest seasons starts, meaning you have to wait a while to get caught up. And just like with SlingTV , you can customize a package so you get exactly the channels you want. A smaller player in this field, but one with amazing content is Pure Flix.

We've got great Xfinity deals for you.

They offer family friendly shows and movies. So if you have a young family, this could easily be your best option. You can get started with Pure Flix here. At the end of the day, getting Xfinity deals for current customers is a lot harder than it used to be. In most cases, to get a Comcast promotion, you are going to have to sign an agreement.

It saves me money without having to worry.

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Here is the link again to try Trim out. I have over 15 years experience in the financial services industry and 20 years investing in the stock market. Visit my About Me page to learn more about me and why I am your trusted personal finance expert. You should probably start a side gig calling Comcast for other people to get their bills reduced or sell your technique.

I love their reasons though- wow. As you might expect, they are willing to provide service at a much lower monthly price if you sign a 1—2 year agreement. Luckily, the solution here is simple:. The solution?

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Buy your own modem and router from a third party. Amazon, Best Buy, and your local retail establishments should have dozens of modem and router options compatible with Xfinity. We suggest getting a separate modem and router rather than a combo device so you can easily upgrade the router in the future without paying for both. For casual watchers who only watch a couple shows once in a while, cutting the cord from cable entirely is probably a time and money saver.

Xfinity is angling for their own share of the over-the-top streaming market, and their X1 platform [5] is the latest incarnation of that quest. Like many other services, Xfinity offers a smart mobile app that allows you to stream your entire DVR contents to any Android or iOS device. The X1 itself also features robust voice controls to help you find what you want to watch. While their upload speeds and customer service get mixed marks, the overall service provides reliable speeds at a bargain value compared to DSL and wireless in most cases.

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