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Speech problems and tongue thrusting may result from bites where the teeth do not meet in the front. Teeth in the front that are protruding out are more susceptible to trauma and accidental chipping. Orthodontics will indeed create a beautiful smile, but it more importantly creates a healthier you.

USA Today Lists Nashville Haunted House as one of the Best Haunted Houses

We measured the cognitive skills of these clients before and after the brain training. Cognitive skills are responsible for the ability to read. If certain skills are weak, reading becomes more difficult than it needs to be. Once the weak cognitive skills are trained and strengthened, the jumble of letters gets straightened out, and reading becomes easy.

Let us develop a personalized brain training program that fits your budget and schedule. Take the first step by scheduling a Cognitive Skills Assessment. Offer ends You may or may not achieve similar results. To learn more about our research and results on thousands of LearningRx clients, visit: www. A7, Murfreesboro www. We all now know the earlier you give your kid a cell phone the sooner the battle for all other endeavors begins. Oldfashioned play. And I think a lot of us are waking up. We want richer, more meaningful lives for ourselves and our kids — sans technology.

Enough already! Let it go! In a weird sort of way he actually thanked me for it. My boy often calls my name over and over again until I look up. You know what I mean, right? As a health-care professional, I am very informed about child sexual abuse. As leaders, it is our duty to arm parents with tools to help and comfort their children if and when abuse is discovered. Life saver, really. I just make sure all extremities are away from the slide itself to avoid getting caught. I cringe now every time I see someone doing it. Our Kids is the only pediatric forensic clinic with a mission to provide expert medical evaluations and crisis counseling in a setting where children are safe, listened to and valued.

Entering the age of cracking voices and pimples, kids are vulnerable and in need of protection more than ever. There is happy and sad, love and hate, win and lose, good and evil, and on and on. In all environments this polarity potential exists. Take a school environment, for instance. Like a locker room. The leaders and the followers, the weak and the strong, the bullies and the bullied.

Kids reach sexual maturity at different ages, with scattered guidance from the adults and other kids in their lives. Kids can learn about sexuality online, too. According to an extensive study of adolescents in the UK by Middlesex University, of the 1, children and young adults studied, 46 percent reported searching for pornography graphically.

Snapchat, specifically, and the activity of sharing images — any images — knowing that within seconds the fun and handy little app will erase the image forever. Kids often go to sleep holding their phones, and they check their social media sites before brushing their teeth in the morning. Kids can also screenshot images and share them via text, often to be shared and shared again.

Now mix all of this up. Combine the Law of Polarity with puberty, sexual curiosities, easy. Of course, this is not ALL kids are interested in, but they are ALL aware of it and for some, it can distort all other healthier interests. Left unchecked, it can lead to disaster. We know that adults have sexually assaulted students. To perform an exam, a child is coached through every single step and is never forced if he is uncomfortable.

As one can imagine, the exam is very intimate, but the teams at Our Kids are incredible at treating children with respect and as active participants in their care. At a time when a victimized child has been stripped of control of his body, it is of the highest duty to do no further harm and to help him regain control of his environment and circumstances. I believe that though there are two sides to an assault claim, the more vulnerable individual is the victim, who is most at risk of long-term trauma. We must protect the vulnerable. I have always considered your magazine to be a resource guide for myself, a mom of three, and hope that many others find Nashville Parent to be at the top of their resource lists as well.

I would love to see you share practical tips, tactics and resources like Our Kids to help further arm and support moms like me. Sincerely, Mama Bear. Brittany Schlafer Connh. Come hang out. Picky, Picky! By Lynn Adams. It just sounds so much more self-righteous coming from me than from a three-and-a-halffoot pixie. For some reason, the children expect to be served. You had enough to eat? Could it be the house elves in Harry Potter? I act like a servant when, and only when, it comes to snacks. I started with a rare parenting book whose authors appreciated the complexity of picky eating Just Take a Bite by Lori Ernsperger and Tania Stegen-Hanson , and I made sure the kids were on a good multivitamin.

Both my kids may be svelte, but they maintain their height and weight on growth charts. This has left me with no choice but to resort to stealth, especially in the case of fruits, vegetables and protein. They go down faster than Goldfish crackers. I leave healthy snacks around at these times, as I prepare the main snack or meal. When I was a child, snacks were a warm can of Tab and a smashed Twinkie pilfered from the cabinet. They were a source of shame. Modern parents learned something from those dark days of calorie counting.

We know kids will eat what tastes good and is close at hand. Lynn Adams is a mom, psychologist and writer. We feel completely at home and at ease. The hardest part for a parent is to leave their child all day, but all the teachers and employees at Creek Wood help with that transition. Everyone knows our name and our child, which makes us feel that we are a part of something wonderful. We know this is a place our child can grow, learn, have fun and be in the best possible care outside of our home. There was never any doubt in our mind that our daughter would be happy at Creek Wood. Bellyrama is yoga for prenatal, postnatal and all ages and skill levels of yoga enthusiasts.

Just bring your yoga mat and be ready to enjoy live music from Kidsville, doing yoga, henna body art, face painting and lots more. Register to attend the FREE event at bloomanashville. Five nights of runway shows and live music for nonprofits. Parks Blvd. Should you? But is it for regular girls? Here are top non-surgical procedures happening here in Middle Tennessee right now:.

Do you eat in a frenzy? You are not alone! Moms often forget the basics of healthful eating because they put everyone else first. As a registered dietitian and busy mom, I try to be mindful about good food choices. Try these 7 tips to become a more mindful eater:. Before reaching for that cup of joe, drink 10 - 12 ounces of water you can flavor it with a twist of lemon or lime. Hydration fights fatigue! Start your day with a protein-rich breakfast to keep you satisfied and focused all morning.

Try six ounces of Greek yogurt topped with fresh berries and granola; scrambled eggs with cheese and fresh spinach; banana slices and one tablespoon of nut butter on one slice of whole wheat toast; or frozen fruit blended with Greek yogurt and milk for an on-the-go smoothie. Try hummus and veggies; fresh fruit and a handful of nuts; or popcorn topped with parmesan cheese. One cup of milk has eight grams of protein — as much protein as an egg! Try to take time to slow down and enjoy each bite, taste and texture.

Allow at least 20 minutes to refuel. This awareness will increase meal enjoyment. Use small containers to prep on-the-go healthy meals at home. For example, turn lean chili into whole wheat burritos; use left-over meat or veggies in a soup or stew; get your crock pot going in the morning and come home to dinner ready A chemical is applied to the face to remove old skin and let new layers grow.

A type of gel to add volume through very tiny injections in areas needing improvement is wildly popular with celebs. Tremendous selection of instruments and bows. Professional repairs and adjustments. Want to know more? Call or visit, we can help! Open weekdays and Saturdays Curiosity-Launching Learning Experiences Kiddie Academy Life has the teachers, tools and inspiration it takes to nurture oversized confidence and big ideas.

New enrollments only. Not redeemable for cash. One offer per child. Participating locations only. Call academy for details. Williamson County Parks and Rec sponsors the day. Look at, climb on and sound the bells and whistles on nearly 30 different kinds of construction and public service vehicles. Enjoy entertainment, concessions and the fall weather outside! Learn more by calling Longview Recreation Center at , ext. Do you think you have conjunctivitis pink eye? Qualified participants may receive the non-antibiotic investigational drug and study-related procedures and visits at no cost.

Health insurance is not required to participate. Taking place Saturday, Oct. Professional chef instructors teach the classes. Designed for ages 8 - 14, kids will work in groups of four and be standing, cooking and working for most of the class. Everybody will get to eat, too! Sur La Table is located at Franklin Road.

The phone number is Reserve by phone SKU This event pulls out all the stops with inflatables, games, crafts, food trucks, classic cars, trunk-or-treating and, of course, lots of happy kids in Halloween costumes! Franklin Rec is located at Franklin Road in Franklin. All One-to-One Instruction! All Individualized Programs! All Positive Reinforcement! Jill Forbess, M. Lori Breaux, M.

Patricia Williams, M. Leah Umphlett, M. Holiday Exclusive! The winner will see his costume in the show, get to be in the show and see the show for free! The Vegas-style show is a Broadwayesque musical with dazzling feats of cirque performances and costumes. The costume magic will hit close to home for one talented Middle Tennessee child who will win a chance to be a part of the show!

Top Millers Thrillers Haunted Woods Daily Deals in Nashville

Download this template at nashvilleparent. He may just win! Interested kids can download a template from Cirque Dreams Holidaze and create. The winning design will actually be recreated by the Cirque Dreams costume team and included in the Tuesday, Dec. The winning child will have the opportunity to appear on stage and will also receive four free tickets to the show!

The contest starts Sunday, Oct. A Cirque Dreams Holidaze preview performance takes place from 12 - p. The winning design will be selected by Nashville Parent staff and the Cirque Dreams Holidaze production team. The winning child will be notified in mid-November. To enter, go to nashvilleparent. Programs and ages may vary. Goddard Systems, Inc. Are you ready for the big night?

Double check all of the kids before they spring out of sight! The American Academy of Pediatrics healthychildren. Prep them beforeo they run off. Also, double check costumes for length and loose hems that can become tripping hazards. Use festive glow tape or glow sticks to help illuminate your child in the night so drivers and others can see quick movements from groups in the dark. The National Safety Council nsc. Put a piece of tape over the light and color it with a high lighter. Use it for trick-ortreating. This is your beacon for your kids to easily find you.

Your child might want to carry it, too, but keep the string short. Kiera Ashford is associate editor for this publication and mother of three kids, ages 11, 7 and 11 months — she plans to dress up with her kids for Halloween this year! Stick to your guns. Letting them be on devices in public makes kids antisocial. It is GOOD for them to have to use their imaginations. Time to play a board game!

Screen time is anything that deals with a screen, not a book. Do as I say and not as I do, right? Your family needs you. You are NOT good at texting and driving, so stop listening to your lies. New friendships can happen all around you. Take up a new hobby. Stop and look at the moon. Come on, life is all around you waiting to be discovered! You can do it and you should We are committed to same day appointments. If your child is sick and you do not have an appointment, please call.

We can work your child into our schedule. Chris Dodd on. By Susan Day. But Clarkson was right. After the baby was delivered, Sybil seized and died. It was preeclampsia that turned into eclampsia. That she had pain in her abdomen. According to the Preeclampsia Foundation, the U. To be clear, only 8 percent of women will experience preeclampsia in pregnancy or childbirth. But much needs understanding in order for that 8 percent to have the best outcome. Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and protein in your urine during pregnancy.

It can happen at any point after the 20th week, but it most typically occurs in the late second or third trimester. Doctors cannot identify a single cause of preeclampsia, but high-risk factors include being pregnant with multiples; being older than 35; being in your early teens; first pregnancies; obesity; a history of high blood pressure; a history of diabetes; or a history of a kidney disorder. Many women still have never heard of preeclampsia, though. Yet pregnant women who are not deemed high risk can develop it, and some of its symptoms can be easily confused with those of a typical pregnancy — this is where problems arise.

Being unaware can get you into trouble. While Downtown Abbey was set in the s, preeclampsia remains a very dangerous complication of pregnancy for women today — and no one knows exactly why. After nearly a century of enormous strides in navigating women safely through childbirth, the rate of major complications more than doubled between and , according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is imperative that women advocate for themselves during pregnancy and childbirth, conveying to providers what they are experiencing. The key to monitoring preeclampsia, Buxton says, is to know the warning signs. The catch is, if a woman is preeclamptic, time is of the essence.

But some women can brush off important signals. However you approach your self care, being aware of what your body is telling you during pregnancy is essential. Pregnant women see their providers routinely as part of good prenatal care, and the vast percentages of pregnancies go along typically.

Other tests monitor how well the unborn baby is growing. Any instability in either the mother or the developing baby can change the course of care. When preeclampsia happens late in pregnancy and is advancing, the only way to cure it is to deliver the baby. In , Beth Lee Frazer was dying. Diagnosed with HELLP syndrome the most severe form of preeclampsia, characterized by seizures , at a routine OB visit, Frazer learned protein was spilling into her urine. The twins she carried would be delivered 20 weeks prematurely in order to save Frazer from hemorrhaging or having a massive seizure.

Frazer had been experiencing headaches, blurry vision and rapid breathing, but she had chalked those things up to her advancing condition. Frazer survived, but her twins were too tiny and undeveloped to make it. After losing her babies and nearly dying herself, Frazer was left physically weak, heartbroken and profoundly changed. She became motivated to find and work with the Preeclampsia Foundation and has been very active with the group ever since. Today, Frazer is an outspoken advocate and fundraiser for preeclampsia research and improved pregnancy care.

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Organizations such as the Preeclampsia Foundation have been helpful in making more and more women aware — especially through things like Promise Walks for Preeclampsia which happen around the country. The law allows for the creation of an expert panel to investigate how and why women are dying from pregnancy-related causes and complications in the state. The tools you need to create a happier home! We are committed to helping all children and all families through creating structure, understanding why problem behavior occurs, solving communication issues, using consequences effectively and eliminating the power struggle.

Saturday, Oct. Find storytimes for all ages, classes, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, more events and reviews at nashvilleparent. Events without color dots are ones happening in multiple counties or are outside of our typical area. Nashville Shores, Bell Road, Nashville; 11 a.

Hayrides, mazes, inflatables, trick-or-treat trail, face painting, costume contests, arts and crafts, and more. Kids to decorate their own iconic microphone with color, gems, sequins and creativity. Catch a complimentary familyfriendly flick on a first-come, first-served basis. Country legends and contemporary stars perform their hits. Held in Williamson County, the show features more than dogs representing breeds. Farmer Jason and Mr.

Enjoy live bluegrass and jazz music in two different settings on the property. Centennial Park back of park near train , West End Ave.

Nashville Halloween Guide | Nashville Guru

A street-painting festival featuring professional artists and family activities like inflatables, balloon artists and entertainment. Farm fun includes the Charles Esten corn maze, animal encounters, zip lining, pig races, the pumpkin patch and more. Runs through Nov. Visit the pumpkin patch, explore the corn maze adventure and enjoy more than 70 other farm activities. Continues through Oct. Enjoy street hockey and hockey-centric games with the Nashville Predators.

Cheekwood, Forrest Park Drive, Nashville; 1 p. A certified instructor leads an all-levels yoga class in the gardens. Activities include a pumpkin patch, corn maze, petting zoo and more. Honeysuckle hosts two special events on Saturday, Oct. Also home to Scream Creek Haunted Woods for big kids. Visit honeysucklehillfarm.

Breakfast, a planetarium show and a storytime activity. Make crafts, experience nature, meet animals and more. Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, S. Broad St. Stories and activities for tots. Learn the basic techniques of tumbling. Bellevue Library, Baugh Road, Nashville; 4 p. Crafts, activities, games and more. Learn how different disorders like ADHS, autism or learning differences contribute to social skills difficulties in kids. International music and dance performers. Peak College Planning hosts this workshop on how to select the best college, how to lower costs, why you need help with the FASFA, how your family contribution is calculated and more.

Mike Farris performs gospel and blues. Learn how to become champions just like famous football players. Explore chemistry, physics and anatomy. Learn about the misunderstood flying mammals. Discovery Center, S. Explore all-things scientific by learning through discovery. Topics include liquid nitrogen, visible light and reptiles. Dyer Observatory, Oman Drive, Brentwood; 9 a. Tours and a peek at the giant telescope. A naturebased puppet show. N Tuesdays for Tots cheekwood. Cheekwood, Forrest Park Drive, Nashville; 10 a.

Creative fun for preschoolers. Participate in an aquatic sport in the deep end of the indoor pool. Ryman Auditorium, Fifth Avenue N. A night of alternative rock with guest Colony House. Brentwood Library Every Thursday brentwood-tn. Registration required. Nashville Ballet presents an interactive experience based on the beloved Eric Carle book, Little Cloud. Kids will learn how to create shapes and carve out space with their bodies. Ryman Auditorium, Nashville Sunday, Oct.

Visit nashvillezoo. Shores every Saturday and Sunday this month. New this year are costume contests taking place at 2 p. The winner gets two Nashville Shores season passes! Visit boovillenashville. New activities for kids this. Children can also have fun dressing up in costumes from the Metro Parks Theater Department. Visit celebratenashville. The foot-tall tree frame is bursting with orange chrysanthemums surrounded by purple blooms.

Visit cheekwood. Visit bellemeadeplantation. Visit thehermitage. Kids can enjoy farm games and lots of other activities. This year, Farmer Jason and Mr. Steve perform for kids, and The WannaBeatles are the headliners. Visit greendoorgourmet. Visit tnmuseum. Head over to Centennial Park on Saturday, Oct. Visit kidsvilleonline. Visit thenashvilleoktoberfest. The all-ages Zombie Paintball Hayride trailers feature new sounds and lights for a party atmosphere, and there are new scenes along the course. The Haunted Woods for big kids only features more trails with new monsters. Visit explorethedc.

Visit luckyladdfarms. The P. Visit nashvilleparent. Games, haunted tours and other spooky fun are sure to be a hoot. Visit townofsmyrna. Caldwell Drive. Clown costumes are prohibited this year except on very young children. Also new this year is storytelling. Visit goodlettsvilleparks. Visit rivergate-mall. Visit streetsofindianlake. The fest is free,.

Visit countryhamfest. Visit eastbrentwoodpc. They include guided walks with animal encounters, hayrides, face painting and more. Visit owlshill. After the race, children can enjoy free face painting, costume contests, Halloween goodie bags and.

Haunted Woods, Houses, and Attractions in Nashville

Visit raceroster. Bowie Nature Park offers a trick-or-treating alternative this year. All ages can play games and participate in activities with spider, owl and bat themes. Visit bowiepark. Juliet on Saturday, Oct. The contest is open to individuals, groups, organizations and businesses. There will be first- and second-place prizes.

Registration deadline is Saturday, Oct. Visit mjparksandrec. A night of country music. Archery instruction with a game. Grades 5 - 12 is Sunday, Oct. Register at the website Run, jump and play while learning skills like balance, coordination, listening and taking turns. The Wilderness Station, Veterans Pkwy. This naturethemed program includes songs, crafts, hikes and other activities.

Ascend Amphitheater, First Ave. A night of dream pop music with guest Perfume Genius. Whole Foods, W. McEwen Drive, Franklin; a. Mare Wakefield performs music for children. Enjoy craft projects. Jim Lauderdale hosts this evening of live music featuring bands of different genres. Historic Germantown, Seventh Ave. Classical music with the Nashville Symphony. Kids can explore instruments. Tracy Silverman and the Vanderbilt University Orchestra perform an electric violin concerto.

Franklin Theatre, Main St. Children can enjoy a variety of inflatable slides, games and other activities at the 38th Annual Oktoberfest in historic Germantown, Oct. The Washington Theatre, Mercury Blvd. Learn tips and techniques for creating original, spooky tales. Nashville Public Library, Church St. Artist Beth Reitmeyer leads kids in this exercise through geometric forms as inspiration for potential sculptures. Warner Park Nature Center, Hwy. Brentwood Library, Concord Road, Brentwood; 10 - 11 a. Tactile experiences for little hands and minds include mixing, pouring, tearing, squishing and more.

Frist Center, Broadway, Nashville; - p. Dabble in basic geometric forms as inspiration for potential sculptures. War Memorial Auditorium, Sixth Ave. Ashley McBryde, Tom Mabe and other artists perform. Ryman Auditorium, Fifth Ave. A celebrity host shares stories and songs with special guests. Adventure Center, Sam Ridley Pkwy. Learn about the interesting fruit, make a craft and enjoy pumpkin treats. Brentwood Library, Concord Road, Brentwood; 4 - 5 p. Watch anime, make crafts and enjoy snacks. Develop and refine skills like bumping, setting and spiking. Municipal Auditorium, Fourth Ave.

Human and animal performers join forces to bring you threering circus fun. The late night talk show host and journalist interview each other and take questions from the audience. Frist Center, Broadway, Nashville; 2 - 6 p. Plan, engineer and construct geometric sculptures that will glow and sparkle. Explore and listen for animals during a nighttime trek. Bridgestone Arena, Broadway, Nashville; p. Children can listen to historic ghost stories and will receive prizes as they follow along the ghost trail. Those attending the Haunted Museum event are invited to wear costumes and enjoy complimentary refreshments.

On Saturdays, parking is free at the state employee parking lots to the west of the State Capitol. It is a FREE event with lots of surprises! Frist Center, Broadway, Nashville; 10 a. It runs through Jan. A night of electronica music. Follow directions, working together and learn body part recognition. Bordeaux Library, Clarksville Pike, Nashville; - a. Learn campground etiquette and Leave No Trace outdoor ethics. This workshop is a requirement prior to camping at Barfield.

Tee up to raise money for the T. Martell Foundation. Cocktails, dinner and awards follow. Meet a resident education animal while learning about the critters that call Tennessee home. USA takes on South Africa. Grab a mountain bike and hit the trails for a scavenger hunt. Floyd Stadium, Greenland Drive, Murfreesboro; 2 p. Live music by Kid Rock, Gretchen Wilson and others.

Dyer Observatory, Oman Drive, Brentwood; 7 p. Tickets go on sale on the first of the month prior. Cheekwood, Forrest Park Drive, Nashville; 8 a. Centennial Park, West End Ave. On exhibit through Nov.

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  6. Exhibit runs through Jan. Gear available upon request. Find great deals on new and gently used books and media. Examine hand-decorated leather goods before making your own custom leather bracelet. Hatch Show Print, Fifth Ave. Twenty-five art galleries in the downtown area host receptions and art openings. Soar through the air on nine zip lines under the light of the full moon.

    Downtown Gallatin; 10 a. Find a location at the website; 9 a. Build a firehouse bank. The Curious Kitchen, W. Northfield Blvd. Decorate a two-layer cake while learning the fundamentals of frosting. Linebaugh Public Library, W. Vine St. Kids can get creative and have fun building LEGO masterpieces. A night of pop music. Celebrate the written word! Historic Germantown Oct. Feast on German eats and take in lots of entertainment. This annual fall celebration features autumn flowers, a giant pumpkin patch, live music, scarecrows and special programs on weekends. Track One, Nashville Oct.

    Readers can only win once every 90 days. The opening reception for an exhibit showcasing interpretations of monster characters iconic this time of year. The exhibit runs through the end of the month. Explore the basics of 3D printing technologies and their real-world applications. Participate in or just listen to a complete reading of Timon of Athens. Children with special needs can enjoy a private hour of jumping on trampolines and playing on the equipment. Kick, punch, run, jump, roll and get yourself into shape. A nature journaling program focusing on fall wildflowers.

    Murfreesboro Little Theatre, Ewing Blvd. Take a trip down the rabbit hole. Tue - Thu p. A musical about an American solider, a French girl and a yearning for a postwar new beginning. Fri Sat p. A stage thriller about a scary little girl. Wed - Thu p. An irreverent rock musical based on the seventh president. Versus Georgia. Oaklands Mansion, N. Maney Ave. Center for the Arts, W. College St. Fri - Sat p. A guided stroll through the Murfree Spring Wetland.

    Cheekwood, Forrest Park Drive, Nashville; 4 - 9 p. A moonlit experience including a tea ceremony demonstration, interactive activities, lantern-lit tours and more. A bighearted comedy about family — Southern style. A musical about seeing your parents through grown-up eyes. Contains nudity and adult themes. Act 1 at the Darkhorse Theater, Charlotte Ave. Thu - Sat p. Thu 7 p. A theatrical piece about six kids standing on the brink of emotional chaos. Thu p. Thu, Oct. A flipper-flapping musical that speaks to the power of ingenuity.

    The adventures of Toad, Mole, Ratty and Badger. Sat 10 a. Special effects, audience participation and a unique spin on a classic fairy tale. Pull-Tight Theater, Second Ave. Good Vision Makes Better Learning! Gallery activity packs, hands-on programs, and cool keepsakes make fall break fun at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

    Discounts are also available for adults. Kids can explore old-school printmaking techniques. Brentwood; 12 - 2 p. Shop locally made items, listen to live music and learn about the non-profit of the month. Of all the spook spots in Middle Tennessee, Millers Thrillers is our hands-down favorite. Celebrating 10 years this season, the Zombie Paintball Hayride is suitable for young children. The trailers have been upgraded with a party theme, and new areas along the excursion provide ample shooting targets.

    The Haunted Woods leg of the attraction is for older kids only. The Entertainment Zone is fun for all ages with the zombie drumline, fire performers, jugglers, storytellers and the cool light show. Hours are Fri - Sat 7 - 11 p. Saturdays, Oct. Lines get long, so get there early or buy a Slash Pass to get you to the front of the crowd. Visit millersthrillers. Drop in to discover bird banding research, embark on bird hikes and participate in other bird activities. Includes, breakfast, lunch, cocktails and auction. Explore the trails at your own pace. Proceeds benefit amenities and park improvements.

    Explore the adoption process for domestic, interstate and international adoption. Study an artist then create a project based on the lesson. For a complete list of haunted houses, ghost tours and other spook spots, go to nashvilleparent. A fun morning for tots in Fairview.

    Day of the Dead Tequila Festival

    Riders in the Sky perform comedy and music. Bridgestone Arena, Broadway, Nashville; 7 p. Versus Philadelphia Flyers. Paint a pair of canvasses that fit together. Follow the progression of fall colors during a guided trek. Two creative afternoons full of painting, drawing, sculpting and more. Build a fort, play in the water, climb, crawl and get dirty with activities like mud painting, clay sculpting, chalk art and more. Make paintbrushes out of natural materials, then paint with them. Learn outdoor skills like starting a campfire and whittling sticks.

    Learn about art in a hands-on learning environment and create art in a variety of mediums. Use clay, LEGOs, whiteboards, cutouts and more to create stop-motion animation in this two-day class. Multi-instrumentalist Jacob Johnson entertains kids. Fifth Ave. Taking inspiration from hats on display, kids can make their own paper cowboy hat designs. Opening night for this family favorite for all ages is Friday, Oct. A night of comedy, classical music and pop culture with Nashville Symphony. Versus the Dallas Stars. Gather natural items from the woods to play and build with at the center.

    Chris Lee, one of the first Stormtroopers of the Star Wars costuming group The st Legion, leads a discussion on building your dream. Hike through the forest in search of arachnids. An enchanted wonderland of more than 5, illuminated carved pumpkins creating scenes and landscapes. City Winery, Lafayette St. This Cystic Fibrosis Foundation fundraiser includes a pork-based tasting competition, local food, beer and wine, live music and more.

    The cemetary there, alone, was breathtaking, personally. If I go back anywhere with people, it would be here. This is one of the best haunts I've ever been through anywhere. This one is entirely within a large warehouse, although the walls of everything only go up about 10 feet, then it's open to the top of the warehouse. This basically means that you can see effects from elsewhere somewhat as lighting spills over, and that does somewhat kill the illusion.

    I'm fairly impressed with the layout, as they manage to weave you around so that you come by the same people multiple times and that makes the staffing seem higher than it was. That said, a lot of the decoration seemed a bit simple, and the talent, while trying to be fairly interactive generally a plus wasn't too good at it. That said, I was sent through this one with another group that included a couple kids, so I can't rightly tell what it would have been like without them.

    Overall though, I wasn't impressed with this one. Dead Land actually has two haunted trails, both of which are listed as being a mile long. So group numbers are kept down. The first was The Curse, and there's actually a whole video that they have you start off watching while you're in line. The talent here was really good, and the trail follows the arc from the video for the first section, so it's very immersive in that sense.

    The second trail is The Portal, which was awesome. This one is themed to be entering into the world of fairy tales and nursery rhymes, and the atmosphere on this was extremely well done. It's a series of set pieces, but the ways they intepretted it was great. I'd not call it creepy, personally, but visually I thought it was very nicely executed.

    Two different, but great, experiences. This one has, by far, been getting the most advertising, it seems. And the lines showed. I waited over an hour for this one. The talent working the lines were pretty good, but it almost goes downhill when you get inside. Death Row is heavily based around having you walk through strobes in a large group I think it was over 10 people, and at least 3 different groups. Most of the stuff you see is stationary props or simple animatronics with excessive gore, and while some of the talent is good, they're also almost non-existant.

    Very underwhelming, personally, but it still gets its scares. This is a first time haunt, and it shows that they're just getting established in the relatively short experience.

    Share your thoughts and debate the big issues

    That said, the talent here is great their guy working the line spent 15 minutes trying to mess with me while i waited for them to open for the night and he knew what he's doing. The design on this place is great, and they've got a good concept developing as they repurpose a building that had been another haunt previously. This is also one that does a very good job of messing with ones expectations.

    I hope to see this one does well because the people behind it have some great perspective on how to make one of these well crafted and well designed. This has the potential to become even more awesome in coming years as they add some length to it. This one apparently has a lot of controversy tied to it. Whole Church of Satan thing that it starts off with, and I've also got very mixed feelings with the 'scary homosexual' bit about half way through. So be forewarned.

    All is set indoors, with and the first half of it is mostly really loud metal playing and strobe lights. It's generally a let down in that sense, although there's a few good rooms in it. The maze, though, is very impressive, and took a good several minutes on it's own. And unlike most other mazes, this one is legitimately in near total darkness, and they are not a 'safe area', unlike most mazes.

    They're definitely the redeeming part here, as the talent was fairly hit and miss, and parts of it just seem like it's trying to be shocking for the sake of being shocking. Anyone has any more questions, in general or about particular haunts, I'll handle all questions I can. Note: Since someone asked about kids for these Since they're outside, they tend not to be as heavy on the gore, and for younger kids, means there's a bit of space they can have. Mad House also isn't terribly scary and may be alright. Devil's Dungeon and Death Row would probably a bit too 'adult' But YMMV and all kids are different.

    And there's a big age factor at work there. Note 2: A few places give out discount coupons to one another We are planning to go to another one this weekend. Based on your review, I'm going to suggest Nashville Nightmare. I definitely recommend it. I'd also say They're a very different feeling. Miller's Thrillers was extremely disappointing. The line for Zombie Paintball was over three hours and the ride itself had about 9 people dressed as zombies either holding trash can lids so they couldn't get hit or standing 40 yards away.

    We didn't even bother trying the Haunted Woods after that because we would have to stand in another ridiculously long line watching the same magician do the same tricks another three times and listening to the same 4 songs played over the loudspeaker over and over and over again. Not worth it. Wow, that paintball line is ridiculous. There's no way that'd justify a line even pushing half an hour, all things considered. Night I was there lines were short enough that I only heard the magician do the same tricks twice and once was when I was in the paintball line so I only heard it, but didn't see any of that.

    Holding trash can lids is new Big shame, the haunted woods was the good part. Where in Hendersonville is Gorehouse located? I think it was the first right after turning onto New Shackle Island Road, then all the way to the back. I know they said they're stuck, a bit, because they can't put advertising up permanently due to Hendersonville restrictions, and unlike Death Valley, they're not out on the main road, so they're a little trickier to find. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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