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Those Tide coupons are great for sales but they cause a lot of problems for the Marketplace. Problems that generally result in a lot of unhappy customers. And, as most of you know, we do not tolerate any activity that makes THCM customers unhappy — regardless of how high your sales are. We do not see any one individual vendor who stands out from the crowd with regard to refunds.

You might think you have a lot but look at your refunds compared to your sales and then look at the big picture. Sometimes we issue refunds just because we want to make that particular customer happy. We rarely get complaints about wrong coupons being shipped, listing errors or bar codes being clipped.

Refunds that are clearly related to vendor error are passed on to the appropriate vendor and deducted from the next Paypal transfer. We have disclaimers on the Terms page, the checkout page and the shopping cart page stating that we do not guarantee delivery times at all, whether it ships USPS First Class, First Class with Tracking or Priority Mail. These disclaimers do work. Our initial response is always to give the customer all the information we have about her order, when it was placed and when it was shipped, and we also confirm the shipping address.

Again, refunds are a part of any business and there times when you just gotta keep the customer happy and suck it up. In the beginning Paypal used to give us the benefit of the doubt. But we process thousands of transactions every month through our Paypal account now. Again, Time is Money. It takes even longer to produce the documentation needed to fight a Paypal Dispute.

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The shipping address shows up on your Orders Report and on the order confirmation email you receive. These also appear on your Orders Report. In most cases that does the trick. The customer knows you shipped it and they move on to pick up the discussion with the Post Office. We found out the hard way when our orders sat in the mailbox for 3 days. Carriers are only required to deliver mail — and even that comes with a whole lot of leeway in interpretation.

Did you also know your carrier might not actually move your mail along its way until the next business day after he picks it up? Jessica and I greatly reduced our own customer delivery complaints when we started dropping our orders directly at the Post Office every day. Find out what time the USPS truck picks up and get your orders there an hour before pick-up time. Oh, well, it was time to clean it up, anyway.

So I just moved everything that was still relevant over here. Frequently Asked Questions. How to Title Your Listings. How to Create a Listing for your Coupons — Feb. Well, because I can… and because maybe this one will make it even easier for you! These two videos will walk you through the process of creating a listing. Resistance is futile. While your focus is on selling your own coupons, our focus here at THCM is on providing the best coupon-buying platform for our customers and the best coupon-selling platform for you.

In the end our goals are the same: You want to sell more coupons and we want you to sell more coupons. But to achieve that goal for both of us our focus must be on making it as easy as possible for customers to feel comfortable shopping our site and for the search engines to send us the customers.

Steven Allen South Simms St. Netia Griffin South Simms St. Maryjane Reeff A st ne apt c auburn, WA Customer complaints, rude customers and customers who are just downright nasty are a part of any business. We go to great lengths to keep our customers happy, often issuing refunds that you never hear about — out of our own pocket. These customers each found it necessary to file a Paypal dispute and freeze our funds without ever contacting us to let us know there was a problem. I compare it to shopping at a department store.

If you have a problem with the toaster you purchased you go to the customer service desk and ask for a refund or exchange. Yet the customers on this list have essentially done just that. If you ship to these customers you do so at your own risk. Should the customer decide to file another unsubstantiated Paypal dispute which puts the entire Marketplace at risk, we may be forced to take immediate action against the responsible vendor to protect the rest of The Marketplace. If you have customers you feel should also be on this list, please let us know so we can warn everyone.

Unfortunately, nothing prevents these jerks from creating a new account and causing us more trouble.

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Be aware that these customers may use a different name or a different shipping address, so please read not only their names but their addresses, too. Your product listing images must be exactly x pixels. Images larger than or smaller than x pixels will be deleted without warning. The Happy Couponer Marketplace is extremely image-heavy.

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This large number of images creates a load on the site every time a visitor loads a new page, and each image causes the site to load just a tiny bit slower for our visitors. Larger images cause an even larger load which results in even slower load times. And slower load times means lost sales! If it takes too long they just go elsewhere. What happened? Is there a problem with the website?

Only orders for listings that are published will appear on your orders report. They also think the US Postal Service can work miracles! However, sometimes, for various reasons, we might put a listing into Draft instead of Out of Stock. You can also get that same order information from the order confirmation email you received, which includes the item s , quantities and shipping address. YOU might not be able to see that order but we can.

We have access to much more information than you do and we even have a program in place that calculates your sales in real-time.

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Refunds happen, and we totally understand. Please be prompt in notifying us when you need us to issue a refund. We never judge. THC automatically receives a confirmation email with complete order details, including all products, prices, and shop names. The seller you automatically receives a confirmation email with only the products purchased from your shop.

The Sales Report on your Vendor Dashboard is automatically updated each time someone orders a product from your shop. This report shows the product s ordered, the total quantity for all orders of each product, and the total commission earned by product. All of your orders will always be visible on your Vendor Dashboard.

To see orders for a specific day, or to see only new orders, simply select the date s you want to show. This is why we recommend you keep your order confirmation emails, too. This is your starting point. You can copy this link and use it in emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc. No special characters allowed.

When buyers see your shop name on an individual listing they can click that link to view all the items in your shop. Again, this link occurs automatically. The link will look like this:. Under the Payment Tab, please be sure to provide your valid Paypal address so we can send you your earnings each week. If you want your money, give us your Paypal address. Just that one product staring back from the page. Maybe even some garlic bread. What if, when the customer clicks through on your Prego listing, they could also see your coupons for Ronzoni pasta and Kraft Parmesan Cheese?

And that coupon you have for New York Garlic Bread? Get the idea, now?

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So it only makes sense that the better your image the better your sales. The best size for listing images at THCM is pixels wide by pixels high. Large images, like those you upload directly from your camera or mobile device, will cause the site to load slower for the customer. Images larger than or smaller than x will automatically be deleted from the site, without warning, beginning November 1, Loads of other sites are having the same trouble.

We apologize for this confusion and, like I said, Paypal is aware of the problem and working diligently to find a solution.

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We believe that national treasures like Oreos should be celebrated every day of the year. But we couponers are much more creative than that, right? I spent a mere 10 minutes on Pinterest and came up with 98 different ideas for things you could do with Oreos. And OMG! Yes, please! Oreo Donuts and Waffles! No products were found matching your selection. According to The Krazy Coupon Lady , a popular couponing website, you have nothing to worry about. An article at The Balance, another popular couponing website, discusses the legalese printed on most coupons.

Technically by using the coupons, some couponers are getting money for something that no longer has value. However, once those coupons change hands they become invalid. In the very next article on The Balance they completely negate everything they just said! Take a look at this. You can also leave coupons on the shelf at the store, or pass them to friends or family members. Handing coupons to friends, leaving unused or unwanted coupons at the grocery store, giving coupons as presents, or having a coupon exchange club is legal and ethical.

Back before coins and paper money were invented, people traded in goods. The milk acted as currency — money — that you traded for the pelts. And trading goods for goods lasted until money was invented. Everyone on the planet has to either sell something or produce something and exchange it for money or more goods. Manufacturers put that disclaimer on every coupon because they want to control which coupons, and how many of those coupons, are used in a particular marketing area.

What if they live in another state, or clear across the country? The point is, everybody would like to be able to legally control a lot of things in life. The simple fact is, there are no real laws against buying or selling coupons. Looking for a place to sell coupons online? Join The Happy Couponer Marketplace and start selling today! Here, we have no limits and your listings stay live on the site until the coupons expire. Up to four guests can indulge in a chocolatey feast of a waffle topped with brownies and chocolate sauce, and a cup of hot chocolate.

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